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Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach (Photo by ivanatman)

On the island of Bali’s south side, the resort town of Kuta is situated. This popular beach town is urbanized and found near other prominent resort towns and villages of the island.

Maps of Kuta, Bali

Looking at maps of southern Bali, the town of Kuta has a significant spot on the southern shores of the island. Detailed maps of Kuta reveal the layout of the town and its streets as well as the major motorways in and out of the area. Maps of the terrain show that the land has small hill variations and contours.

Geographic Features of Kuta, Bali’s Landscape

Coastal River Plains – Streams and rivers leave the mountains and highlands draining down through the river plains and coastal lowlands to drain into the ocean. The plains slope downward gradually toward the coast.

Coastal Waters – Coral reefs and sea creature habitats are found in underwater worlds not far from the shores of Kuta. Then whilst water sports are popular, safety warnings should be heeded.

Jungle Forests – On the beach of Kuta, palm trees are a common site. Inland is where the tropical fruit trees like bananas and jackfruit as well as other native trees fill the forested regions.

Jungle Rivers – Mountain streams and brooks run off the higher elevations and down into the plain and then the ocean.

Seaside Beaches – White sands and light yellow sands along Kuta’s waterfront continue on for kilometres of sandy beach. The clean beaches are urbanized near Kuta.

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